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Thursday, December 01, 2005

December 1, 2005 First day of your rest of the Life

Welcome to my blog !

Well Let me start this with the baseline statistics, the first year I started tracking my investments methodically.

Let me start my blog with where am I am standing financially. As I go through the process of learning economics, hopefully evolve emotional maturity in financial matters,hope to achieve my dreams and goals...

My first venture into financial market was during the boom years of 1997-98. Like most everybody I too thought I am a finacial genious, most of my stock selections turn out to be awesome. I started with 4k, mostly in technology and retail stocks. I watched my investments grows through as I steadly pumped money into more and more tech stocks, into the bubble waiting to burst. I made huge profits from many of the internet boom stocks, but instead of diversification, i pumped more and more.... and the rest is history !!

It took a few years for me to get back to investments from the devastating losses, however the market crash made did some good things to me. From a carefree big spender lifestyle, i become savings minded, and as years go by I become frugal and very careful where and how I spend.

Today my overall ratio of investment risk stands at 58%, Thats the total money I have invested in the market. As I progress, I am planning to get increase my ratio towards more aggressive.

As we wind down the year, I am planning for my next year moves, I will publish those in due course.