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Friday, January 20, 2006

Baby Birth - Expenses

People out there who is either expecting a baby or planning to have one, must be wondering what are the costs involved with a hospital delivery. I did and I never could find anything. Yes each pregnancy and child birth is unique, so you cannot plan every expenses.

Well we were lucky to have a normal un-complicated delivery and a reasonable insurance coverage this time. I have documented all Doctor, labs, medication and delivery related expenditures here. My insurance coverage has a $20.00 copay, doctors visits are 100% covered after the copay, annual deductible $500.00, Labs are covered at 100% if it is part of a doctor visist and the lab work is billed by the doctors office. After deductible expenses are covered at 80%, and hospital stays are covered at 90% with no hospital copay.

The total expenses(out of pocket) from pregnancy test, prenatal care thru OBGYN, delivery and post partem visits and medications amounted to $1906.65. Insurance company paid total was $7793.27 . OBGYN visits are part of a prenatal+ delivery package so there were no individual charges.

The Hospital expenses-delivery for the mother $1221.32, for the baby $515.33. Anasthesia costs $221.31. It was 2 nights and 2 day stay at the hospital spanning about 56 hours.