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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Figuring out..

You know what, My NFL predictions on play-offs so far are a 100% accurate. Seahawks,Panthers,Pittsburg & Broncos. I should have been in vegas betting...woohoo !

Broncos all the way - beating Seahawks in Superbowl Extra large (XL)

Well we all know that we don't have any crystal balls - especially one that works in Wall St. Only thing we could do is to follow the usual advices.. Work hard, spend carefully, save more, invest, diversify...
I do follow these, I read a ton of garbage on finanacial ideas as well. Most of it are the same ole, same ole - repackaged, recycled materials. Today with all these information technology advances, we have too much of data, too little useful information anyway.
Personally my current biggest issues are - well few of them, My job is not something I could settle in one place, so I cannot own a home. I did not took a chance and bought a home, I was not sure howlong I would be working here. Now I feel like living in a shoe box, every year my possessions increase and apartment become more conjusted.
Along with another 100 reasons, this makes me want to change my job, but when I want to change my job, I want to make a good move. I am hoping I will be employed by someone who would match some 401k contribution unlike my current one. I thank God, that I am debt free - except my credit cards which I pay in full every month.


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