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Sunday, January 08, 2006

First balancing act - Fund exchanges

I will be completing an exchange in Vanguard holdings (IRA). From a balanced TARGET fund, I am moving 10k to start a new investment, Vanguard PRIMECAP CORE. With my load and management fee, expence ratio sensitivity -call me frugal, I have a certain fondness to Vangaurd. Even though I am not very happy with the change in minimum investments amounts from Vangaurd, I own few of them; Vanguard 500 index, Total stock market Index, Windsor II, Wellington, STAR fund & Target Fund.
I have completed my 401k Fidelity funds balancing, well its not an overall balancing, just getting ride of some of the 'pigs' from past year, Now Fidelity accound has 50% large caps which includes my favorite Contrafund holding 20%. Midcaps holds 20%, Worldwide 15% Small cap 8% and Bond portion of Balanced fund at 7%.


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