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Sunday, January 22, 2006

A tale of two births - Expenses again

Now that I've created a spread sheet of the second birth and provided the details, it forced me to walk through my memory lanes to the birth of my first born. It was all together a different tale all together. Year 2003, It was relatively a complex birth, new experiences, more stressed, a lot more anticipation. Everything was great until the labor, then it was very stressful until we left the hospital. We stayed 4 days instead of a normal 2 day for a natural vaginal delivery.
Yes, every birth is truly unique.

Back then my insurance was worse too. Higher deductible of $1000.00, Hospital copay of $250.00, Rx COPAY OF $25.00 and coinsurance for hospital stay was 80%.

The total expenses(out of pocket) from pregnancy test, prenatal care thru OBGYN, delivery and post partem visits and medications amounted to $4204.70. (Insurance company paid total was $7846.42) . OBGYN visits are part of a prenatal+ delivery package so there were no individual charges, there were 4 additional Ultrasound scans due to a suspected fetus problem. The Hospital expenses-delivery for the mother $2586.62, for the baby $1248.11. anesthesia costs $176.00. It was 3nights and 4 day stay.


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