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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Free stuff

Block buster has another free trial offer (code: friends). Any one who wants a trial and see how fast they send movies. Make sure you cancel before next billing cycle starts if you dont like it.

Those who wants some assistance with formula coupons, go to the respective websites of similac and enfamil and register. You will get free samples and coupons worth upto $100.

Best interest rates in town (with reliability and ease of transactions): HSBC bank 4.80% APY (Savings)+$25 for new customers, GMAC Bank 12 months CD: 5.05% APY

Need a free Ipod shuffle 512mb (worth $70-$99 retail), Try NETBANK (12 months CD 4.90% APY) minimum $2500.00 investment, minimum 1 year deposit.

Free pharmacy coupons: CVS pharmacy sends out a ton of them thru newspapers, magazines. You may even be able to match with other pharmacies in town, for new or transferred prescriptions.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Federal returns received - within 11 days!

Other than the fact that I've overslept and was late to work the day after a snow storm, things were pretty crisp.

On personal financial front, I've received my federal tax return - within 11 days.
This is the first year on my e-filing and I liked it very much. I am planning to buy some index funds partly funded by tax returns. I am thinking about Vanguard indexes on Total international stock index fund and small cap index (NAESX). Funded another 1 yr CD at 5.00% APY. I am in the process of building another CD ladder so that I have emergency cash support if needed, in every 30 days.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Impulsive stock picks today !

I am not sure what got into me, I bought two stocks in an impulsive action. Altria ;MO(formerly Philip Morris) at 71.10 a piece and Infosys Technologies ADR; INFY at 71.95 apiece.
I was planning to buy some SPY today, but somewhere I made a mental Uturn. I always wanted to buy MO, I already have few INFY in my portfolio. Hope I picked this at the right price.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

GMAC 1 YR CD 5.00% APY

I've noticed that GMAC rates has gone up again. Its now at 4.88 APR/5.00 APY. They are aggressively increasing the rates to attract investments, good thing that the account is FDIC insured especially its mothership GM is burning cash like it is an internet portal. GM is trying to sell its controlling stake in GMAC to make some change (in the range of 10-15 billion).

Friday, February 10, 2006

Received my state tax return -in 3 days !!

Wow that was quick. I used turbo tax just for the state and filed it on 2/7/06. I filed federal using Turbotax as well. Well I tried to take advantage of free software and free e-file. I have an income higher than free efile limits, however I found out from a friend that I could get it free thru State Farm sites link, if I register with state farm insurance. (You don't need state farms insurance to register). Now I am waiting to see how quick I would get my Federal Tax returns.

By the way my AET investments seems to look impressive. More than 10% gain in few weeks and a stock split declared too !

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Networth Report Jan 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Discover card has 5% cash back on Hospital bills too!

I received my CapitalONE cash back bonus of $25.00. I also realized that Discover Card has a 5% cash back on any health/health care related expenses(need sign up, until 3/31) which includes hospital and doctor bills. So I've decided to pay off my balances from the child birth expenses. Most of it were on an interest free payment plan. Now I can get a 5% back when I pay it off in 3 month span!

I love my citi-universal card for groceries - 5% Cash back.

I want to share a small tip when I shop from SAM's club. I buy Walmart gift cards from walmart super centers using CITI card( cash back 5%) and use it to pay at SAM's. Discover does'nt have that good rate.