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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Discover card has 5% cash back on Hospital bills too!

I received my CapitalONE cash back bonus of $25.00. I also realized that Discover Card has a 5% cash back on any health/health care related expenses(need sign up, until 3/31) which includes hospital and doctor bills. So I've decided to pay off my balances from the child birth expenses. Most of it were on an interest free payment plan. Now I can get a 5% back when I pay it off in 3 month span!

I love my citi-universal card for groceries - 5% Cash back.

I want to share a small tip when I shop from SAM's club. I buy Walmart gift cards from walmart super centers using CITI card( cash back 5%) and use it to pay at SAM's. Discover does'nt have that good rate.


  • At 2/20/2006 4:36 PM, Blogger Dan said…

    I like that 5% idea. It's better than nothing. It's more than we get back from our health plan for procedures that are not covered.


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