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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Free stuff

Block buster has another free trial offer (code: friends). Any one who wants a trial and see how fast they send movies. Make sure you cancel before next billing cycle starts if you dont like it.

Those who wants some assistance with formula coupons, go to the respective websites of similac and enfamil and register. You will get free samples and coupons worth upto $100.

Best interest rates in town (with reliability and ease of transactions): HSBC bank 4.80% APY (Savings)+$25 for new customers, GMAC Bank 12 months CD: 5.05% APY

Need a free Ipod shuffle 512mb (worth $70-$99 retail), Try NETBANK (12 months CD 4.90% APY) minimum $2500.00 investment, minimum 1 year deposit.

Free pharmacy coupons: CVS pharmacy sends out a ton of them thru newspapers, magazines. You may even be able to match with other pharmacies in town, for new or transferred prescriptions.


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