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Saturday, March 11, 2006

eBAY - Earning pressure making them Greedy and Ridiculous

I've been an amateur Ebay'er for a few years now. I have see a unique idea becomes a great institution. Along with it comes all the greed and every nook and corner of the web now has a lot of ebay suck stories. Well now its my turn.

I have listed a few items for auction. Since I have only a basic Paypal account with limits, as usual I checked options of payment as personal checks, money orders etc. However in the description I've mentioned Paypal cannot be accepted if paid using a credit card. This was the way I've been listing auctions for a long time.

Two days later I checked by listing and it has disappeared from the listing altogether like magic. Upon checking thru my messages I found out that I am guilty of breaking Ebay's new policy where a seller cannot specify any such Paypal limits or I should be willing to upgrade my paypal and pay fees, accept credit cards..whole nine yards. Customer service later told me that this was in the policy amendment fine prints they published few months ago. Now I know why Paypal is becoming ebay's golden goose. Talk about monopolies..


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