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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Free Online Money Manager-

If you are looking for a free Online Money Manager, go to, the power behind MSN money and now closed down Yahoo Money Manager. Yodlee offers many services including billpay as well.

I like this over any other online Money managers as it is reliable, secure and has most of the banking, investment, credit card transactions,email, frequent flyer program interfaces through their OnCenter. It even sends you alerts based on your settings. I use this as my 'dashboard' online for allmost all of the above.

I also use MS Money for tracking at home. I consider Yodlee as the best tool I ever used free-online. (Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliations or financial interest in Yodlee, I am just a user who is mightily impressed with Yodlee)


  • At 3/14/2006 2:30 PM, Blogger Tiredbuthappy said…

    My bank offers a Yodlee interface (with the bank's logo slapped over everything). It's great. I track everything in there. However, not all my accounts can be accessed through that interface. It's frustrating. I have to manually enter the balances for my 529 account and various others if I want my net worth as reflected in Yodlee to be accurate


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