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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Networth Report February 2006

As a result of the lackluster market performance, there are no gains for the month on investments. In fact there were small losses. However I did moved some savings money to investment accounts, thus my stock vs savings ratio become 0.62. Tax returns and the bonus gave a temporary increase in checking but the amount has been moved to savings or investments. Overall Networth increase is a reflection of the bonus and tax returns.

I am still slowly building up my ladder of CD's. My plan is to have 12 CD accounts of 12 months with a month part, with denominations I could afford at that point. Ladders lets me even out the interest rate variations and it gives me flexibility and availability of funds just in case.

My networth do not include Cars, I dont own a house or have any loans or mortgage. I am hoping to cross 300k mark by the end of the quarter if the market picks up steam.


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