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Friday, March 17, 2006

Two Americas - May make you think too

This is something I received as part of a chain email, I was having a quick glimpse before I click delete, 2 paragraphs caught my attention. Looking at the current state our country, the political and social divisions we are experiencing these words made me think..really !

There are two Americas....
One America is a closed, arrogant, inward looking,lazy, pompous and suspicious. It is not based on any universal principles that will stand the test of time. On the contrary, it is a nation driven by reactionary policies that -- at the best of times -- can be described as opportunistic. It is a nation that shakes hands with dictators on one hand, and bombs democracy on another. It is a nation where the flag has come to stand not for a people, but for a ruthlessly efficient mechanism of power. A nation where all other countries are nothing but passive receptacles for its opinions, thoughts and actions.
The other America is a country of ideas that represent the best of the best thoughts from around the world. It is an America that nations have turned to for refuge, for hope, for innovation and for a moral voice, when it seemed that the darkest voices in the deepest woods had come out of hiding to take over the world.


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